First Step: the hosting

Unlimited Disk Space

Today having a large space storage system is vital. The Data Center where we host our webs has the best technology.

Improved Cooling

New technologies are large producers of heat. A well cooled DataCenter is a guarantee of good service.

Quality-Price Relation

Good service should not be linked to a high price. The proper scalability of the projects can offer great plans for very cheap prices.

Second Step: the domain

Points to consider when choosing a domain

  • Short: The sorter, the memorable and easier to write 90% 90%
  • Pronounceable: Facilitates to be transmitted orally 88% 88%
  • Unique: Avoid acquiring other existing domain extensions 80% 80%
  • Relevant: To The audience of your brand or your product 60% 60%
  • Avoid plurals lyrics and infrequently used letters (z, x, y, etc …) 50% 50%

Choosing the proper domain name is perhaps one of the most important and heavy matters when starting a web projec. If the page is about a brand ora company, it is apparently easier, but if the goal is to sell, the domain name is the first place where we must put the key words to help us positioning. A good counseling and a good guide will help you make the choice easier and faster.

.com  .es  .cat  .eu  .org  .net  .tv

Third Step: the structure


Responsivity is to provide the ability for web pages to fit the device where are goint to be displayed. The width, font size, layout elements, entirely appropriate to ensure readability by users of the website.


The possibilities offered by e-commerce to reach a much larger market means that today many websites now include a space for virtual shopping. All our websites are ready to become e-commerce.

Programming Languages

Hosted Websites

Web Projects Done


Visits from Mobile Devices

Fouth Step: design

These are some wesites designed at our studio

Web Design

If you want to see more works, visit our web design section where you will find more design samples.

Fifth Step: Positioning

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to make web pages “friendly” to search engines. The aim is that in the short time that will be a search robot on our website, we must be able to let it take out as many information as possible about relevant content, thus favoring the creation of a higher quality traffic.

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